Matrimonial Accounting Services

divorce accounting services

At Urbach & Avraham, CPAs, we offer a wealth of experience in matrimonial accounting and marital dissolution services. We draw upon our professional staff of specialists in business valuations, fraud and forensics, medical practices, real-estate companies, and estates and gifts to assist in the complex divorce process. By pooling our resources, we guide the divorcing couple and their attorneys through the financial maze of marital dissolution. From the initial discovery stage, to determination of the marital estate, and through post-judgment matters, we continually support you and your objectives. For over two decades, we have represented divorcing spouses throughout New Jersey with a high concentration in Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, Somerset, and Union Counties.

Case Information Statement

The Case Information Statement (CIS) is the initial comprehensive roadmap of all assets and sources of income submitted to the Court. Many spouses are not capable of completing the CIS but it is crucial that this document be completed in accordance with the New Jersey Rules of Court, and we can help. Using FamilyLaw Software™ the same software many attorneys use, our experienced para-professionals and accountants assist in gathering all the necessary documents to complete the CIS. We verify that the CIS is consistent with all documents and agrees with your income tax returns.

Stock Options and Deferred Compensation

If your spouse owns stock options, stock appreciation rights, and deferred compensation, we can help you understand what they are worth and what to do with them. We assist attorneys and their clients in understanding and fairly distributing complex compensation packages. Jeffrey Urbach's experience in this arena is extensive. He has co-authored an article about stock options called "Stock Option Distribution via Constructive Trusts in Divorce Settlements" that was published in the national journals The Valuation Examiner and New Jersey Family Lawyer. He has also lectured on the topic to attorneys, CPAs, and mediators around the country.

Allocation of Debt in Divorce

Frequently, the allocation of debt is more crucial than the allocation of assets. In today’s economy when couples have steep debts burdens, economic experts are needed to determine the marital debt allocation. Sudden debt may have arisen fraudulently. Our matrimonial team is well-versed in the allocation of the marital debt and the ramifications.

New Jersey Divorce Accountant

Find out how an experienced forensic accountant can make all the difference in equitable distribution of assets, fair child support calculations, and other aspects of matrimonial accounting. Call Urbach & Avraham, CPAs at 732-777-1158 and ask for a free initial consultation today.

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