Alimony Tax Issues

alimony tax issues

Jeff Urbachour Litigation Support Partner, assists with all aspects of structuring the alimony and child support component of the divorce. From calculating disposable income to considering IRS and New Jersey income tax ramifications, our experts guide you through this important determination. We advise you on dependency exemptions, credits, complex property transfers, alimony trusts, and all related matters.

What if your spouse has a cash business and he or she doesn't report all the income? All is not lost. We have years of experience in determining the real income from cash businesses. We have utilized various Court tested techniques and IRS guidelines depending on the type of business and needs of the case. We calculate the realistic revenues of a cash business and analyze the reported expenses to arrive at a restated net income. Our experts are experienced in reconstructing a family’s true income and have successfully testified about such matters in New Jersey Courts.

Divorce Litigation Support

Urbach & Avraham, CPAs offers trusted divorce litigation support throughout New Jersey. Please call 732-777-1158 now for a free consultation to see how we can assist you with your alimony considerations and calculations.

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