Pamela Avraham's Story: I Protected My Dad and His Assets

pamela avraham cpa"My own father emigrated from Russia in 1924. Within eight years he attained a PhD in mathematics. He served as the Chief Avionics Scientist for the military base of Fort Monmouth, NJ for over two decades. For many years, he was a friend of Albert Einstein and maintained a correspondence with him. We were so proud of the academic accomplishments of our father!

In 1991, when my brother and I were informed that our father had severe dementia, we were in shock and despair. We were devastated. After consulting with geriatric social workers we arranged for my father to live with my family. During the day he attended an adult day care. My family and I took care of Dad for six long years. The pain of watching our brilliant father become totally incapacitated was incredible.

Fortunately, I had tremendous experience in the financial and tax aspects of handling the assets of the elderly. Dad’s assets were used to provide for excellent health care, a full-time nanny and an adult day care. Dad lived in dignity until his last breath of life.

Taking care of Dad was a tremendous physical and emotional undertaking. Pamela quickly joined the Guardianship Association of New Jersey (GANJI) in the early 1990s. She used her skills as a CPA to assist other families with the financial issues of the elderly and the physically or mentally disabled. Pamela has been active ever since in GANJI and now serves as the treasurer. Pamela is a Registered Guardian certified by the National Guardianship Association."

Pamela also worked with the NJ Supreme Court Liaison Committee to implement the requirements of Court appointed Financial Guardians. As a result of these efforts, the Manual for Guardians was issued which sets forth the guidelines for Financial Guardians.

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